hello, i'm currently in amsterdam! the city holds a lot of emotions for me as i lived here as a hatchling. moving is a very stressful thing but now that me and my girlfriend are settled in a bit better we are doing ok. i got a job here as an artist assistant! ill be staying here for a few months so i wanted to have something to do with my time. i really love the work i'm doing with them. i get to make stop motion animations of insects and plants! i am currently working on a spider and a hibiscus.

a photograph of a table that has a sculpture of a red hibiscus flower that is in the process of being worked on. it loooks like it's handmade from paper, wire, and paint. behind it, in the background sits a scultpure of a spider that is also under construction and is not painted yet. the table is messy and has supplies like paint, paper, glue, and wire strewn across it.

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