hello world! this is my first post and my first step on my journey to document my joy :) i have been thinking a lot about what makes me happy recently and i want this to be a place to celebrate that! currently i have been focusing on my hobbies that bring me joy. i just graduated college last year and i am finally free from the omnipresence of homework and deadlines in my life. i currently work at a giftshop and despite all the chaos this pandemic has wrought i am doing fairly well for myself financially. so with disposable income in hand i have been diving into ball jointed dolls, dungeon and dragons, my little pony, neopets, furry stuff, plush making, and all that jazz. my current hobby is bjd's and i have been decorating and fleshing out he personalities of my dolls. one is named tia and the other i got recently and i havent come up with a name for her.

ive been buying new clothes, eyes, and wigs for these girls and ill post updates as i get them looking closer to how i want them to look. and i also think ill make them profile pages so you can learn more about them.

ok thats all from me tonight! i hope you have a good day!

~ *.○*·. orbit